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Inspections, dont take the risk, inspect before you ship 

You can't turn the clock back! Once your goods have arrived, if there is an issue, its invariably too late to resolve. Invest in a one day inspection, get piece of mind. Call 0116 442 2055 today....... Just £269+ vat 

Audits, not sure who your dealing with ?

For £269.00 our team will complete a one day audit of your suppliers factory. They will show a photographic log, examine the company certificates and present a full overveiw of the site. A great eye opener 

Negotiation Service 

So you have had an inspection and it fails..... youve paid the deposit, do you walk away? Take the poor quality stock? Our team of experienced negotiators will work hard on your behalf . Take advantage of our fixed hour offer,  hours for £60.00 + vat 

Canton Fair UK Limited  through its "Your Office In China" brand offers professional and reliable services specialising in the Chinese market. With a full buying office including legal professionals, multi-lingual graduate qualified customer service team  and 180 quality control staff strategically positioned around China we are the perfect partner when you are planning to develope your business in China.

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