One company, one solution provider, one contact point.

Our team of highly qualified individuals can help you with all aspects of Chinese Business.

Cost effective quality management solutions

Our business experts in China can manage all aspects of your business in China.

we can be "Your office in China"

Imagine that you have opened your own office in China. We can offer all elements including sourcing, buying , legal purchase contracts,criticle path managment and general day to day correspondance at a fraction of the cost.

Simply pay for the hours your require ongoing , or enjoy one of our monthly payment plans. 

Canton Fair Business Trips

We have assisted around 1000 clients visit some of China's largest trade fairs. By far the largest of these fairs is the Canton Fair. 

We offer fully inclusive, single invoice trips to the Canton Fair. We benefit from our own exclusive route deal with Cathay Pacific airlines. Visit with the proffesionals Canton Fair UK Ltd.

China Legal Service, IP & Brand Registration

Our team of fully qualified and regulated legal proffesionals can assist with everything from contract breach to litlgation. We offer many fixed price services including brand registration. IP protection is our speciality, offering cost effective solutions to your business

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Take advantage of our special introductory rate for a manday inspection. Great team , fantastic people, wonderful follow up service.


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