Do you need a pre-delivery goods inspection in China?

Then you're on the right web site !

Don't  ship your goods before inspecting them.  180 highly qualified quality control staff in China. UK and China teams.

We can carry out single man day inspections including travel for only £269+ vat.

Full colour photos, report, packaging, all aspects checked. Book your first inspection today. Dont Ship with out checking, it can save you 1000's

Need help resolving inspection issues. £149.99 buys 3 hours of our negotiators time 

A large percentage of inspections fail. It may be minor element or indeed a big issue. Our team of experienced negotiators can work on your behalf to negotiate a way forward.

Product or analytical, we have the ability to carry out all types of inspection.

Our team of 180 inspectors are experienced, ethical and accountable. We deliver an accurate overview at affordable prices. Cost effective quality solutions for Canton Fair UK Ltd

Try our Fixed Price Inspection Services in China, See why we are better than the competition.

Call 0116 442 2055 for more info

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